How to Get Your Author Newsletter Blacklisted


In Canada placing someone on your newsletter mailing list without their permission (without them opting in) can lead up to million dollar fines for breaking international SPAM laws.

What I’ve noticed over the years are authors who are starting their newsletter lists being afraid to have nobody subscribed and thus add EVERYONE from their contact list to their new newsletter mailing list. This is against international spam laws. Almost every month I have someone add me to a list I did NOT subscribe to. Sometimes there isn’t even an unsubscribe button which is so, so, SO bad!

I understand the feeling of having nobody on your list other than yourself from when you were testing things during setup. We have ALL been there. But do not add people. I repeat: Do. Not. Add. People. Without their consent. Not only are you breaking spam laws, but you are…

  • Sending out newsletters to people who may not be your audience–no sales or clicks from these guys!
  • When you reach the no-longer free subscriber threshold you suddenly have to start paying for people who don’t even want to be on your list.
  • Ticking off people who work really hard to keep their inbox clean.
  • It lowers your open rates (having people on your list who do not want to be there), this then ‘taints’ your list which then lowers your delivery rates.
  • It gets your email address flagged as SPAM which causes all sorts of issues I won’t get into here.

If you are starting a new list and really want to reach out to those people you know, I suggest is this…

Send an email to your contacts saying, hey, I’m starting an author newsletter. Here’s what it’s going to be about, here’s what I write, here’s how often I plan to send it out. Are you interested in keeping in touch through my newsletter? If so, you can sign up for it right here: PROVIDE SIGN UP FORM LINK. I won’t send anymore emails about this and you’ll be free to unsubscribe from my newsletter at any point if you feel it isn’t something you want.

And always use a mailing list provider. Don’t just send mass emails from your gmail account or wherever.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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